Recently, I decided to go modern. I ordered dog food and detergent Online from “The Walmart,” since I usually buy their brand anyway. Trucking to the store, seeing if the right things are in stock, putting it in the carriage, checking out, loading it in the truck—as long as it hasn’t been stolen—driving back to the house and unloading, was all eliminated.

Of course, it did take me three days to accomplish the ordering, as I had immense problems entering the shipping and billing on the Wally website. The site couldn’t conceive that the last time I used it I was ordering something for my daughter, while we were at camp in Maine. How could I possibly live in two places? I spent a while playing with the EDIT thingy. After I finally pushed the SEND button, I got a message that my order would arrive at my door, with free delivery, in three days.  Success?

Four days in, I wondered if my attempts to edit my address had failed. I sent someone to my camp to see if the snow there had been marred by the delivery guy. Nope. So perhaps Walmart did get the order right, and it was still heading toward me in the right location…

Seven days in, there it was! The order arrived on my front steps in Massachusetts. I was so excited!

That wearisome process has opened a great door for me, and “The Walmart” may never see my face again.

I got to wondering if they’d miss me, and I got to thinking deep thoughts—always dangerous for an old hag. On the news, Andrew Pudzer, the man proposed by President Trump for the position of Labor Secretary, withdrew his name from consideration because of things that he was rightly being accused of. One of the major issues was his objection to the $15 minimum wage.

Since my early education included real math, I put one and one together, and it is very clear to me that the proponents of things like the $15 minimum wage have been snookered. How many jobs will be eliminated by The Walmart, and other stores, by offering free shipping from a warehouse for their products?

Recently McDonald’s tried out an ATM-like delivery system for Big Macs, which was hailed as a great success. How many jobs just went away in that effort? Is it impossible for people to comprehend that there is a cost to doing business? Yes, there is a cost for having the courage to open a business, stock it, pay taxes, employ folks and all of those other pesky things that business owners have to do to make a living?

Tightening the purse strings to accommodate a much higher minimum wage could come at a great cost to workers, because there may not be enough income to keep businesses going with the same number of employees. Efficiencies may well sneak up on the workers like a mad dog!

Think about it. And be sure to connect with me on twitter @realgrammarose I love reading your tweets!

P.S. Have you heard about this new documentary: Why We Voted Trump? If you’re a Trump supporter, these folks need your support. Visit today and get involved. The media is having a field day ignoring conservative voices. Time to speak up.

I Decided To Go Modern
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