Welcome to Secrets of Liberty’s Faces in the Feed podcast.

If this past election cycle proved anything, it proved we are a news gathering and consuming generation. We like to be well informed—and we’re not content being spoon-fed by the mainstream media and their agenda-driven narratives.

Social media plays an important role in how we access and share our news and information. Pew Research Center reported 62% of adults in the United States get some news on social media. In light of the current attack on alternative/conservative news sources, we decided it was time to do our part to ensure that these impactful voices are not silenced.

It’s easy for each of us to recognize the powerful voices in our newsfeeds; the ones with a growing number of followers and lots of engagement; the ones that stand for liberty, speaking boldly in their commentary about today’s social and political issues. We created this podcast to support, grow and increase awareness of these voices.

Interested in growing your voice and your audience? Join us on Faces in the Feed.


Faces in the Feed Podcast Coming February 2017